Ava Motter
Lead Pilates Instructor

Ava holds multiple certifications, including Mat Certification through Physical Mind, and an Integrated Teacher Training (ITT) Certificate from Madeline Black in Mat and Apparatus. She has also received training in Active and Isolated Stretching and completed her Pre/Post Natal Pilates Certificate from Carolyn Anthony’s The Center for Women’s Fitness. She is also a Hendrickson Orthopedic Massage Practitioner and is Nationally Certified Pilates Teacher (NCPT). 


Ava is committed to furthering her education to best serve her clients in Pilates, which makes her a well-rounded and highly versatile teacher who helps her students consistently achieve positive results.


Ava’s style is warm, confident, and derived from a deep well of knowledge about the body. Her ultimate desire is to guide people toward their full potential, supporting them not only on their path to overall health but helping them achieve their specific physical goals. 


Ava’s teaching philosophy: “My lifelong commitment to learning has led me to be a 

teacher whose own practice aligns with my belief in the power of movement to change. 

I strive to live my life as an example of both the Pilates and Hendrickson work.”

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Janie Miklaunus
Lead Certified Pilates Instructor

Janie comes to us from the British Isles where she attended the University of London and attained her BA in Dance and Drama. Her work in movement and body awareness progressed naturally to Pilates. She attained her certification in Pilates with Madeline Black and Jean Sullivan through ITT and continued to further her knowledge by attending workshops with Jean Claude West, Eric Franklin, and Elizabeth Larkam.  She also holds an NCPT. 


As an instructor, Janie focuses on individuality in the study and practice of body awareness. Student growth is built upon each individual’s needs, guiding them to reach their desired objectives, and facilitating growth in strength, wellness and awareness. She is recognized as an innovative and creative teacher.


Outside the studio, you can find her band, Janie and the Reformed, playing all over the Bay Area. She also enjoys sailing, kayaking, hiking and dancing.

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Darcie Harper
Certified Pilates Instructor

Darcie’s Pilates journey began as a student after the birth of her son in 2012. With a number of years in dance training, Pilates brought a familiar intuitiveness and she quickly connected with the benefits, including the mind-body connection. 


After 20+ years in her career, Darcie was ready to shift her focus and make Pilates more than just a personal practice. She wanted to teach and share with others how the Pilates method invigorates your mind and elevates your spirit. She completed her Comprehensive Teacher Training and is now a Nationally Certified Pilates Teacher. She continued training with the Pilates Center in Boulder, CO, which continues Joseph Pilates’ legacy directly through elder, Romana Keyzanowska, and has successfully developed the highest caliber of teachers with the most comprehensive and in-depth classic teacher program available. She completed the Intermediate Plus Teacher Training Program, meeting all 600 required instruction and internship hours. 


Her goal is for her students to feel stronger, both in mind and body, and focus on improving what our bodies can do for us. Learning to love and appreciate your body by improving what your body can do is a force like no other.


She looks forward to sharing what she’s learned and bringing awareness to her students on the benefits of Pilates and how it applies to your entire being.

Marcella Davis
Certified Pilates Instructor

Marci started her Pilates journey because she realized that as she approached mid-life she didn’t feel connected to her body. She had been a competitive athlete - swimming, soccer, and tennis - and had taught indoor cycling for eight years.


She stumbled on a Pilates reformer and was hooked. She started to feel strong from the inside out, and began to appreciate her body and connect to it in a whole different way. 


After four years of practice, she decided to take the next step, and received her certification through Balanced Body Reformer training. She loved the training and learning about the mechanics of the body.


Marci is a California native, is married, and has a daughter who is her best friend. She and her husband have twin rescue pugs, Gus and Coach.


Marci’s philosophy in her classes: “Love your body as is, this very moment; and remember, many pebbles make a path. Enjoy the journey!”

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Danielle Adams
Certified Pilates Instructor

Danielle was introduced to Pilates in 2016 and fell in love with the practice. Soon after, she began her comprehensive training at Foundation Pilates and received her certification in 2018. Danielle loves watching her clients gain strength and confidence in themselves. She appreciates the variety Pilates offers, and the ability for each session to be tailored to each client, no matter the class size. She most enjoys helping her clients connect the mind and body through breathing and physical movement, finding flow through each session.


As someone who practices yoga regularly, Danielle incorporates principles from yoga into her instruction which can facilitate a psychological benefit for better overall health and wellness. 


Physical activity will always be her main tool for handling stress on any level. As an instructor, she strives to build her knowledge and continue to evolve to best improve upon herself and to better serve clients. 


Danielle is a proud Petaluma native. She enjoys hiking around Sonoma county with her dog, camping, and paddle boarding.

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Leslie Grevin
Studio Manager

Leslie is happy to join the studio as the studio manager after sending her youngest child to college this year.


Early in her working career, she was a swim lesson coordinator for the YMCA where, in addition to training students from ages 6 months to 90 years old, she met her husband, Shane. She then worked for a handful of successful Silicon Valley technology startups in marketing and human resources before moving to Petaluma. When her children were young she made the decision to put her career on hold to focus on raising them with a sense of community, confidence and compassion.


Seeing how well Downtown Petaluma Pilates focuses on results for both your body and your brain, Leslie decided this would be a great place to work for her next life chapter. The studio brings fond memories and a sense of familiarity of her early days helping people of all ages and abilities to set and achieve health and athletic goals.


Leslie is a long-time Petaluma resident. In her free time she likes to travel, play tennis, volunteer rescuing animals, play board games and trivia, and spend time with her family.