Movement inspires creative solutions while reducing stress and chronic pain


Downtown Petaluma Pilates is thrilled to offer corporate wellness to small and large businesses located locally or nationally. 



“I began Pilates in person at the studio but during Covid, I used Zoom and became comfortable with that mode. Pilates is a "practice so being consistent is what yields the results. As a result of my practice, I am stronger in both body and mind. This strength allows me to lead my teams with vigor. Connecting to my body's power and practicing moving in the afternoons and middays enlightens my creativity and problem-solving skills even more than a cup of coffee or a podcast.”

-Marilyn Quinlin, Executive Vice President

If you are interested in adding our Wellness Offerings to your list of Employee Benefits, the first step is to fill out this application on behalf of your organization.

Step 2: After review of your application, one of our team members will reach out with any clarifying questions within 48 hours Monday-Friday.


Should you be a good candidate for our Corporate Wellness Program, we'll send you a link to our Owner Anne Bishop’s calendar so you can have a short chat about what offerings might best support your goals for your team and organization.
Thank you for your interest!