Anne Bishop

Hi. I’m Anne Bishop

...founder and Director of Education at Downtown Petaluma Pilates which I opened in December 2002, after I received my formal Pilates training in Toronto, CA, and completed a mentorship in Healdsburg with Conna-Lee Weinberg. 

At Downtown Petaluma Pilates, we help passion-driven people, newbie-movers, or returning to exercises folks to gain strength and flexibility to heal from their chronic pain & injuries and calm anxiety so they can feel grounded, relaxed, and clear-headed to live their professional and personal lives with more purpose and joy.   

We all LOVE what we do.

For many of us, it is our #1 passion to help our students better understand their body and nervous system, overcome their exercise avoidance and build both physical strength and embodied confidence.  

I’m deeply proud of the small business and community we’ve co-created here in Petaluma, CA.

But let me tell you, it's been a loooong journey to get here…

Here’s how I came to be an educator and small businesswoman with a big heart.  

I grew up in between Sebastopol and Forestville on a 3-acre apple orchard.  

I grew up with a very large amount of privilege (as any white person growing up in relative affluence with two parents who loved each other does).

I grew up going to public schools in Forestville, attending the Methodist Church, dancing ballet, and participating in many late 90s high school experimentations and shenanigans. 

I feel very blessed to have grown up the way I did.

And... it’s also true that by my early 20’s I had dropped out of college due to a knee and back injury while trying to double major in dance and biology at UC Irvine.  I quickly fell into depression, although at the time I did not even know I was depressed. 

I found Pilates in Healdsburg in 2000 and used it to heal my back.  I went to Toronto to take my Pilates training in 2002.  I moved back to Sonoma County and I opened this studio in 2002, yet still struggled with injury and kinesophobia- the fear of movement. 

Because I was in pain, and Pilates helped tremendously I was always drawn to work with others in pain. As I knew the power of healing movement. 

I am an educator because I had so much to LEARN about my body and its interplay between health and emotional health.  

My pain became manageable and I have a deeply meaningful relationship with my husband of 8 years.  I became a young mom to Seryna, my husband's first daughter, and I first met her here at this studio when she was 10 years old.  Later my husband and I had 2 other children, and I became an old mom. 

I am an educator because I learned how to get out of pain, physically and emotionally. Once I got a taste of that, I couldn’t help but dedicate my life to teaching others how to do the same.

This studio business and career as a Pilates instructor brought me to places and understandings that I never knew possible.  Right here in the Lanmart building I learned, I was accepted to Harvard University where I left for a business sabbatical and received my Master’s in Mind, Brain, and Education to study how the brain and the whole person learn movement and brought this expertise right back here to Petaluma. 

I now have TWO successful businesses, my studio, and The Pilates Master’s Program coaching offering, in which I help other health and wellness experts design online offerings so they can free up their time and create a scalable business. 

If you’ve read this far, you’re likely in the right place, and honor yourself.  My hope is that a part of you intuitively understands that the practice of Pilates, of movement and feeling, is good for your body and your mind. 

Welcome to Downtown Petaluma Pilates.

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